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Our Story

The world is changing rapidly and Information Technology is becoming more and more reliable for businesses nowadays. A late delivered information might cause an organization to a lost of thousands and even millions of dollar.

As to grab more business chances in today’s modern business world, software is a must as to manage information in a more manageable and retrievable way. Besides, software could make sure that every pieces of information in an organization is fully utilized.

That’s what we come for. IT-lises your businesses and converting each piece of your business data into useful information.

Pa Communication Solution Sdn Bhd was founded in year 2012. The core business is to provide Point-of-Sales Solution for F&B Industry and Retail Industry.

PA Communication Solution Sdn Bhd is growing rapidly in the past few years with all the supports from various parties, such as our clients, our suppliers, our business partners and our staff. We do believe that PA Communication is not just providing solutions for clients, but as well providing reliable services.

Our R&D will be kept going and believe us, more and more solutions will be available to our clients from time to time.


F & B Software

Designed for Microsoft windows platform X-Diner is suitable for F&B business like restaurant,café,pub,fast food,karaoke and etc,its user friendliness and easy to learn

Features highlight

Floor Plan
Flexible table arrangement
Support multiple floor plans – different floor plan for different area

Menu Management
Menu can show in type, group, and code.
Menu item picture can upload
Graphical menu
Can show in price and code on order item

Multiple Discount Plan
Discount plan can set in total discount and item discount.
Discount plan can give based on value and percentage
Each discount plan for each group

Multiple Payment Method
Customer can pay in cash, credit card, deposit, credit account, cash voucher,

Food and Beverage Items Control
Each item can set and print to particular printer destination..

User Controls and Time Attendance
Support unlimited users
Punch card functions are available